About Bit Mining Bros.


Bit Mining Bros. is a partnership founded to provide you with the best services in the crypto mining industry and bring people into the future. Providing you with options for buying, hosting and making money with miners.


Ennio Emmanuel  is a spokesperson and philanthropist. Born in New York, he was raised in Delaware for most of his life and his love for this area has grown his passion to help make it better. Weekly you’ll find him leading events at his local church, volunteering at Code Purple or working on something new with his music. Ennio Emmanuel adds his work with Code Purple to his every day life which involves his full time jobs in project management marketing, music production, writing, insurance, real estate, business development, communications and public relations.

Timothy Parsons  was born in Cambodia. He was adopted by an American family when he was four years old. Shortly thereafter, he began taking piano lessons, which helped him communicate before he could even speak. While growing up, he served in the music ministry at his home church in Dover, DE. Later in college, he traveled extensively with a worship band and after studying International Business and music at Southeastern University, he founded “Race for the Orphans”, which is a foundation that helps orphans in Cambodia. He then traveled across America and Asia working for missions organizations, as well as speaking and performing. Today, he focuses on composing music with his wife Izabela and serves as a business development consultant for various ministries and organizations around the world.

Karsten Brenneman  was born in Lancaster PA and has been working with Timothy Parsons for nearly 15 years. Karsten met Ennio through Timothy and when he saw a chance to join forces with Ennio and Timothy, he jumped at the opportunity to form Bit Mining Bros.

Karsten works for a number of high profile authors and youtube personalities as well as a number of small, medium and large businesses including Christian retreats, universities, manufacturing and retail outfits. Karsten is known primarily for his technical skills in website and going above and beyond the call to make things work well. Karsten is also frequently involved in outreaches to impoverished South American countries, working with ministries to feed people who are starving and to give them Good News!