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Buying Bitcoin can be risky. Timing the market is almost impossible. The alternative: Produce it yourself… But How?
Set Up A Private Call Or Join A Conference Meeting

First things first, let’s make sure we’re all on the same page. If you already know about Bitcoin mining and hosted mining, we can set up a private call to just go over the a few unique things about different services, or we can talk about just ordering the physical device if you want to host it yourself.

For those of you who are new to this, we go over what the advantages are, the risks, setting up an account and some of the other possibilities in terms of Crypto investments that you could get into afterwards.

Go Over The Basics Of How It Works And The Best Ways To Make Money

During the first chat, we always like to go over how things work. You can also read about that here on the site. We’ll talk about what’s involved in getting up an account, why you should chose mining, and some of the additional perks and possibilities you’ll have with hosted mining.

Assess Your Long And Short Term Goals

After we go over the basics, we’ll talk about what your goals are. Whether you want to dip your toe in the water, if you’re in it for the long haul, if you want to play the market, etc etc.

We’ll discuss the best possible ways to do all of the following. Our position here is that you should be in it for the long haul and that playing the market isn’t a good choice, but we’re open to discussing it.

We also tend to bring up the future of finince in general and the metaverse(s).

Go Over The Expected Time To Profitability

Once we’re on the same page, we go over what the future might look like for you. We can go over the latest big bank and guru’s expectations for different crypto currencies, the halvening of Bitcoin, and inflation.

The main thing though would be how quickly a hosted miner or a self hosted miner could start to pay off and how much. Some of this is speculation/hypothesizing of course. As educated as we try to be, no one knows the future.

Determine A Budget

Once we feel you have a decent understanding of the prospects and risks, and once we feel we know where you stand, we’ll start talking about budgets. Now for people who already know us, this processes may be much shorter. In any case, we’ll talk about what’s a good amount for you.


REALLY you do want to get this part right. You don’t want to tie up more resources than you cna afford, and you don’t wnat to kick yourself for not investing as early and as much as you could have. We STRONGLY believe this is the future of money and could/will turn into a full blown mainstream market of its own.

Get You Set Up

Once we have the budget set we can get you set up. Whether we’re ordering miners for you or setting up a hosting account, we can walk you through the process and get you on your way so you don’t have to worry about missing the boat or missing any steps.

If you are confident you can do it on your own, you are welcome to do so. For most people we recommend you take us up on our offer to help you set a BitCoin mining your account. At the moment there are no fees to do so.

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CONGRATULATIONS! You have actually taken the first step into the future of investing. You’re well ahead of a majority of people. You’re riding the wave into the future of secure money management!

Now the next step is to stay up to date. It’s a very rapidly changing world and we don’t want you to miss out on possible new investments or any of the steps we take to further our own financial success.

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