Why Hosted Mining?

Bitcoin Is Going Nowhere But UP And It's Going Mainstream!

With multiple banks and investment firms estimating Bitcoin going up to $150,000 – $200,000 in the near future and places like Morgan Stanley allowing you to invest in Bitcoin and banks now opening up to Bitcoing earnings, you’re behind the times if you aren’t already investing in Bitcoin.

Getting Bitcoin

When it comes to Bitcoin you have a few options 1) Buy and hold 2) Buy and hope you bought on a low and not a high then sell when it’s worth more 3) Buy a miner and set it up at home and 4) Buy a miner and host it somewhere else. Of course you could always do work and ask people to pay in Bitcoin, but then your prices will change constantly and you’ll be fishing in a small pool.

We’re going to be dealing with mining Bitcoin. As noted you basically have 2 options if you’re interested in investing heavily in Bitcoin, and we recommend hosted mining. We do so for the following reason… COST!

The Cost Difference Between Hosted and Home Mining

The immediate difference you’ll notice is the upfront cost. Hosted mining costs a lot more upfront, regardless of whether you pay by the year or you get a discount for multiple years. Rates differ from company to company, but in both the long and short run, you want to keep electricity costs down, which means more upfront cost/more money down.

If you host at home though, maybe you’re able to get a good dust free environment and maybe you could even heat your house, but most people’s electricity rate is going to at a higher kW h, which means you pay less today, but your overall profitability is going to be much less per coin assuming you make a profit.

We suggest hosted mining for many reasons, not the least of which is price and profitability, but we want to note that you end up having a predictable pre-calculated price and it’s all set to go. So there’s very little downtime and no guess work month to month.

Still Have Questions?

We don’t expect you to decide right here and now. That’s what we have consultations for. We want to help you make the decision that’s right for you. We do offer just the machines, but we think you’ll be happy with hosted!

If you want to talk to us, currently we offer free consultations if you’re seriously considering investing in Bitcoin.

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