Where is Bitcoin Going?

Tech Gets Decked

Ok, so this seems like a start contrast to the post before the last where bankers and everyone predicted soaring values. Kinda seems like the roaring 20’s nearly 100 years ago! Matter of fact I’m leaving those predictions below.

If you look at many of the things that blew up over the pandemic that were strictly digital (Netflix) you’ll see that their value went up and up and up as almost the entire American economy went digital. Now it’s coming back down to earth. Welcome to the emotion based stock market where things that still have a value, assets etc. can be wiped out by emotions, even though nothing has really changed. Bitcoin remains more popular than ever. It happens.

Here’s the thing, look at the value before the pandemic. Long term investors are still way up. Bitcoin is an idea, a philosophy and became a bit of a fad. What I’m looking at is where it was headed before the pandemic. I think it’s impossible to predict where it’s going. That being said, in my mind, I’m thinking it will get back on track to where it was headed before the pandemic, which I think would put it between $17,000 – $23,000. That’s just a guess based on where it was headed. In reality, this could be a Black swan even and it goes lower as the world stock market could.


So now you’re panicking, trying to save things. I say don’t worry. Look at the stock market. If you invested 5 years ago, it’s still up. Same with Bitcoin. yes, maybe you did exactly what I said you should avoid (albeit late) invested on a high. Again, that’s why I recommend hosted mining, so you’re somewhat out of that mess.

Here’s what I’m doing aside from mining. As Bitcoin slides, I’m setting aside a little money to invest every 2 weeks or every month EVENLY over the next several months.

WHY?!? Because I’m bringing the average cost of what I bought down so that when it’s up, I’ve averaged a good return. I’m doing the same in the stock market. I’m continuing ton invest small amounts every month at fixed intervals. If you’re short on cash, do as little as $10-15 every 2 weeks or $25 a month. That’s a cup or two of coffee each week at Starbucks. Believe me you won’t miss it. Compound interest and general growth of markets will be your friend.


Now in this case, if you want to stay in crypto, maybe transfer money to the larger more stable coins for now. That’s what I’m sticking with outside of PhilCoin, which I believe in because of the cause behind it. That I’m buying on PancakeSwap btw. You don’t need to, that’s a pet project for me. It’s something I love in the long term and something I want to support.

Oh and don’t forget, you know if you had the money to spend, you’re a fortunate person. Stay calm and carry on. Remember, if you’re in a good position still there are people around the world who are probably going to be hit hard by the market conditions. Consider setting aside another $10-15 to give to others. It’s not an investing tip that’ll benefit you financially, but it will benefit future generations far more than any other financial investment could.